Advanced Intelligence

Built on top of IBM Watson – a real time, natural language processing super-computer that employs deep analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to answer questions. It can understand and process natural language at a rate of up to 800 million pages per second.

Most up-to-date Data Set

Our data sets of high-risk data subjects and persons in public life are updated at least 3 times per day. In addition, we search Surface and Deep web on-the-fly, thereby ensuring that it has the most recent and relevant information available on the Internet about a data subject.

Large Data Set

The largest data set of global high-risk data subjects and persons in public life: Over 5M names (and growing) from over 1,800 individual lists – including global sanction lists, PEP list’s, wanted criminals and more.

User Friendly Reports

Data is categorized under one of 12 different sections, making it easy to find and identify relevant information on a data subject. Information is presented with scores allowing quick addition to reports.


Global Media Screening

Thousands of global news sources in multiple languages, on-the-fly, and at un-paralleled speeds, thereby making it possible to perform needle-in-a-haystack type searches within seconds.

Advanced Insights

Social media, enterprise data, and other digital communications are used to determine a data subject’s personality characteristics, including Big Five, Needs, and Values.

Advanced Visual Recognition

Deep learning algorithms are used to analyze persons in images to identify gender, age range, name and occupation of the person and if the image is the most recent of that person

Multilingual Support

Ability to understand and process articles, news and text in english, german, french, italian, portuguese, russian, spanish and swedish.

Greatest Search Depth

Surface web (regular browser search results) as well as the Deep web are searched for information on a data subject. Deep web search includes global court records, government information, business & residential addresses, personal blogs & discussion boards and more.

Autonomous Capabilities

Detail report on a data subject created automatically with minimal input from the end-user. It can autonomously identify key pieces of information and make intelligent insights on why a data subject is deemed to be at a certain risk level.

No Installation Necessary

Built on top of a robust cloud platform that is available 24/7 and which is secure, powerful, artificially intelligent, and highly efficient. It is accessible via a web browser or its API’s, and it does not require any local IT equipment or support.

Highly Secure

We take security very seriously, especially the confidential nature of information that is a part of background checking process, all confidential information is stored in an encrypted state.

Live Reports

SafetyNet’s reports (web & downloadable) contain live URLs that can automatically take the end-user to the original source of the data that make up the reports.

Developer API’s

Results can be securely and directly integrated into 3rd party applications via our simple, yet powerful API’s.